Igor Paasch explores the everyday myths of our narcissistic consumer culture. Trivial and profound at the same time, formally inspired by advertising and social media, but with messages beyond commercial motives, Paasch constructs empty spaces that the viewer automatically fills with personal content. In this way, Igor Paasch's images manage to tell us our own stories from a new perspective.

Igor Paasch studied architecture in England. He has been a freelance multimedia artist who lives and works in Berlin for over 25 years. In 2003 he took part in the Berlinale. Paasch sells his pictures to New York, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Tel Aviv and London, among others. In Berlin, his works hang in the Grill Royal office, in the Paris and Hefner Bar and in Cookie's Cream. The most famous collectors of Igor Paasch include Damien Hirst and Frank Rosin.